Cloud Hosting vs In-House On-Premise “Self Hosting”

Online Advantage Cloud Hosting Solution Customer “On-Premise”
Self Hosted Solution
The Online Advantage =     You focus on your business
Server Platform Capital Expenditure
Multiple Cluster Of Servers Budget Dependent
High Availability VM’s Normally Single Server
24×7 Hardware Maintenance Same Day or 4 Hour Response in Office Hours
Hardware Upgrades Capital Expenditure
Redundant Firewall Capacity Capital Expenditure
Redundant Routers & Switches Capital Expenditure
Fully Managed Backup Library Capital Expenditure
Windows Server Operating System Customer Licen$ed and Managed
Firewall Software Customer Licen$ed and Managed
Anti-Virus Software Customer Licen$ed and Managed
Back-Up Software Customer Licen$ed and Managed
Database Software Customer Licen$ed and Managed
Software Updates & Maintenance for Above Software Products Customer Managed
Performance Monitoring Customer Managed
UPS & Diesel Generator Back-up Capital Expenditure
24×7 Security, Air Conditioning & Fire Protection Systems Capital Expenditure
Computer Room & Racking Capital Expenditure
Online Advantage Hosting Fee Paid Monthly In Advance Up-Front License Fee
Additional Users Can Increase On Temp Basis Purchase More Licenses
And Increase Database License
Help Desk Support Paid Quarterly In Advance
Remote Access For Support Customer To Arrange & Manage
Online Advantage Upgrades Annual Maintenance Contract
or Purcha$e Separately
Services To Upgrade Online Advantage Additional Fee To Install
Daily & Monthly Data Back-Ups Controlled (or not) By Customer
Off-Site Data Back-up Controlled (or not) By Customer
Online Advantage – Production & Test Additional Fee To Install
Retain Multiple Years Of Monthly Back-ups Controlled (or not) By Customer
Secure Copies Of Application Software Controlled (or not) By Customer
e-Mail Facilities Customer To Make Own Arrangement
Electronic Document Delivery
via e-Mail &/or Faxing
Customer To Make Own Arrangement
Web Page hosting Customer to Make Own Arrangement
e-Commerce Portals Customer to Make Own Arrangement