Our Story

It began for us in 1990, well before the “Internet Revolution”. It was actually the “PC” evolution that initially drove sales as we took advantage of the ability to run Online Advantage on affordable computing platforms. Now over 25 years later we have the internet driving the computing landscape and in particular the move to cloud based computing. We led the field with the hosting of client applications as far back as 2001, before the term “cloud” was even around, and hosting Online Advantage is now very much at the core of our business.

We are and always have been an Australian owned supplier of Business Management Solutions. We specialise in helping small to medium sized businesses in the Wholesale/Retail Stock Distribution and Manufacturing/Project Costing markets solve their systems related problems. In short, our solution helps companies who either buy and sell product, or who buy, make and sell product.

We are an easy company to understand. We have one product. One offering. Everything we do is centered around Online Advantage. To this end:

  • 100% of our software is owned by the company
  • 100% of our solution is designed for our market
  • 100% of our 27+ years experience is in servicing our market

To date almost one thousand companies have selected Online Advantage as their Enterprise Resources Management (ERP) solution of choice. Typically each company has between 5 and 200 individual users which means Online Advantage is used by many thousands of employees each month. We estimate that several billions of dollars worth of invoicing transaction flow through Online Advantage every financial period.

We have companies using the system throughout all major cities in Australia, including many regional centres, as well as sites in New Zealand, Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, Philippines, and the United Kingdom.

We are dedicated to the ongoing and continuous enhancement of the Online Advantage business solution to the continued benefit of our customers and users.

For further information about us please take a look at our Corporate Profile.

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