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For too long only large corporations have been enjoying the benefits of Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) applications. Now Online Advantage puts the power of ERP into the hands of small to medium enterprises through our cloud based hosting. It’s hassle free computing at its best. We look after everything “technical” and let you get on with doing business. We focus on the technology & infrastructure required so that you can focus on what’s important to you.

Our cloud-based browser interface provides flexible, remote deployment options and complete access for staff, customers, partners and executives from anywhere at anytime – all year round. All you need is a browser!

We host Online Advantage clients via our secure data centre hosting facility all over the Asia Pacific region. Clients connect via any one of the following methods:

  • Cloud – public internet connections with secure encrypted conversations
  • Private Cloud – via private Wide Area Network (WAN) links to your offices
  • Virtual Private Network – via VPN using secure links over low-cost internet

It is the variety of available low cost network links above that puts Online Advantage within reach of small to medium-sized businesses.

Regardless of the connection, you can make use of Online Advantage where ever you are, whenever you need to. Cloud availability and our Hosting service makes Online Advantage “Always On, Always Available, Anytime, Anywhere!”.

For those business who decide they do need to run their systems in-house/on-premise we offer a “Self Managed” option where a license for the system and the database is purchased and installed on an internal server.

Cloud Hosting

Our Cloud Hosting option is for those who prefer to outsource their IT solutions because they are looking to focus on their business and core skills.

7 reasons to choose our Cloud Hosting

  • If you want someone to perform nightly backups for you
  • If you want someone to complete regular server administration and housekeeping activities for you
  • If you want your server infrastructure monitored 24×7
  • If you want your business system to run in a completely redundant fail-safe environment
  • If you want to expense rather than capitalise your business system costs
  • If you want someone else to hire and manage the technical people
  • If you want worry free and hassle free solutions

7 things you will not need to worry about

  • Power supply, UPS hardware and power generators for your servers
  • Air conditioning and fire protection for servers
  • Physical security around your servers, data and software
  • Hardware and Software maintenance and insurance
  • Data safety, protection, backup and off-site backup
  • On-going capital costs of aging infrastructure replacement
  • Incoming public internet traffic to your office LAN

In short, our Cloud Hosting solution provides you ALL the benefits of Online Advantage without having the hassles of managing all the technology.

Self Managed

As the name suggests – you take full responsibility for the management of the platform and infrastructure that runs Online Advantage.

Unlike Cloud Hosting, with the “Self Managed” option you purchase a software license to use Online Advantage along with a license for the database system required. The software and database needs to run within your own infrastructure covering servers, database license, backups devices, etc. These items all need to be sourced, configured and managed by resources under your control, whether that be internal or third party.

We can be contracted to provide Online Advantage software maintenance and software support services as an additional and separate charge to the license fees. Typically maintenance and support services are also required for the database license required. Should you need to replace or upgrade any of these elements then it is your decision and done at your cost.

Self Managed Infrastructure

  • Power supply, UPS hardware and battery backup for your servers
  • Air conditioning and fire protection for your server environment
  • Physical security around your servers, data, software
  • Hardware and Software maintenance and insurance
  • Windows Operating System installs, housekeeping and Windows Updates
  • Data safety, protection, and anti-virus software
  • Database backup software, backup devices, nightly and off-site backups
  • Networking equipment e.g. switches, routers and firewalls
  • Networking methods e.g. LAN, WAN, VPN and firewall rules
  • Managing rules/risks of incoming public internet traffic to your office LAN

With “Self Managed”, the responsibility to manage, maintain and renew these infrastructure elements is entirely in your hands. If you want to manage and control these elements with your own resources then choose this option.

If you don’t want to have the ongoing responsibility for setting up, maintaining and updating the infrastructure items above then the “Cloud Hosting” fully managed approach is the option for you and your business.


For a point by point comparison between our “Fully Managed” cloud based hosted service and a “Self Managed” internally run “On Premise” system we have prepared the following detailed table.

For a more concise version of the benefits of cloud based hosting (from a users perspective), here’s some quotes to consider:

“Server? What server?” – Chris

“It’s a weight off my mind. I no longer need to waste time and energy on IT hardware, or managing the IT staff we needed to operate them” – Virginia

“I no longer worry about it” – Terry

“Backups – Done! Windows Updates – Done! Upgrades – Done! I didn’t even need to lift a finger or send an extra dollar.” – Mike

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