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The Online Advantage E-Commerce Suite is designed to assist companies in the electronic trading and exchange of knowledge and information over the internet.

Often referred to as a web “portal”, having an online offering for customers to use has become an essential part of what businesses require as part of their customer service solution.

Our E-Commerce Suite comprises the following:

E-Commerce is not just about increasing Sales. It is also about increasing productivity, reducing inefficiencies, cutting costs and improving relationships with your customers, suppliers and employees. To be successful, it requires the integration of all your systems. It should work for the whole business, not just one department. It should be a useful and valuable store of information. It should contain knowledge about your products and services and related information that will motivate your customers to keep coming back to your site.

Creating a web-based ordering system that doesn’t talk to your accounting and inventory systems in real-time is simply folly. In the long term, there is also the need to interact with systems that belong to partner companies on other networks.

The Online Advantage E-Commerce modules enable your company to have the best of both worlds by turning your business software into an integrated business solution where sophisticated business to business, business to consumer and remote staff transactions can be handled quickly, easily and securely.

Take a look at our online Portfolio for live examples of customer web portals.

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