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Welcome to Online Advantage!

This is the “home” page for all Valmont Asia users.
Select from the links below to log in to the system of your choice.


Live Test
Webforge ID Live Indonesian Live Webforge ID Test WebID Users
Webforge MY Live Malaysian Live Webforge MY Test Users WebMY Users
Webforge PH Live Philippines Live Webforge PH Test WebPH Users
Webforge TH Live Thailand Users Webforge TH Test WebTH Users
Webforge SG Live Singapore Live Webforge SG Test WebSG Users
Valmont Asia Live Valmont Asia Valmont Asia Test VA Test
IGC MY Live IGC Malaysia IGC MY Test IGC MY Test
IGC PH Live IGC Philippines IGC PH Test IGC PH Test
IGC PH Property Live IGC PH Property IGC PH Property Test IGC PH Prop. Test


User Tip Tip 1: You should always start from this page when logging into Online Advantage (OA). We recommend that you bookmark this page in your browser “Favourites” so you always have access as on occasion the URL (link/path) to your OA login might change.

Tip 2: To keep your user login secure always click the “Log Out” option before closing your browser when you are finished your session.