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Inventory Control

These modules will help you effectively manage the flow of goods to satisfy customer demands at multiple operating locations. This suite lets you take control of your business – and profit from all your hard work.

The Online Advantage Inventory module introduces a new level of detailed control and accuracy to reflect the ever-changing business conditions which place a strain on your stock requirements.

Effective stock management with our Inventory system allows much more than just reducing capital investments in stock. It means being able to satisfy the varying demand for product and fulfill the customer’s requirements in a timely manner. It also means being able to identify (and avoid) over- or under-stock situations and their inevitable reduction in profit. The module provides a range of facilities to keep the delicate balance of optimum stock levels and stock control. It gives you the right information at the right time in the right format, enabling you to quickly analyse and act accordingly.

Key Inventory features include:

  • Definable Product Structure – user defined settings and structure (see Inventory Overview Schematic) that includes:
    • Product Division
    • Product Category
    • Product Group
    • Model
    • Size
    • Colour
    • Product Type
    • Product Material
    • Product Class
    • Product Section
  • Flexible – multiple and unlimited Warehouses and Stock Locations
  • Item Tracking – Serial, Batch, and Dual unit Reference Tracking on a Product or an Inventory item
  • Dual Quantity – track stock levels in dual quantities e.g. 10 rolls = 91.75 metres, 5 sheets = 31.24 square metres, 1 can = 25 litres – great for rolls, sheets, or fluid product
  • Units of Measure – multiple units of measure with variable conversions per product for Stock (Each/Inner), Purchase (Box/Outer), Sales (Carton) and Warehouse (Pallet) units
  • Stock Transfers – including both inter-branch and intra-branch stock transfer order processing and automatic replenishment
  • Related Products -support for alternative and complementary products
  • History -view stock movements based on Usage and/or Demand
  • Demand Formulae – 19 standard and 3 user-defined formula for the calculation of Demand forecasts
  • Stock Take – Perform cycle counts based on last count date
  • Labels – print Product bar code labels as you receive product
  • Stock analysis – automatically setting every items ABC analysis category and Line Demand division
  • Replenishment – suggested stock replenishing with multiple and preferred suppliers
  • Lead Time – system calculated average lead time and complete replenishment history and cost change audit on every stock item
  • Bin Location – unlimited warehouse shelf locations and three types of bin tracking including multi-bin tracking per item quantity
  • Bar Codes – unlimited bar codes per product allows you to make full use of Bar Coding technologies to scan
  • Stock Costing – a choice of costing methods like Average, Replacement and Standard Cost


  • Comprehensive stock transfer processing with internal “pricing” options
  • Stock usage, demand and movement reporting
  • Integrated stock take facility with variance reporting
  • Multiple stock formulas to select from
  • Stock forecasting facility based on demand and historical movements
  • Detailed status displays and flexible look-up facilities
  • Stock Take Tally Sheets or Stock Take Tickets
  • Stock Issues facility for manual write-downs
  • Stock Valuation maintenance facility for cost adjustments
  • Bin Transfer utility and Bin display – see what products are in a Bin and see what Bins a product is in
  • Stock inwards labeling including bar code printing with support for over 27 different bar code formats
  • Manual Stock Receipts function for an alternative to Purchasing
  • Serial Number and Batch Tracking displays including historical viewing of all related transactions – see where a certain “batch” of product was used and who purchased it
  • Ability to record unlimited categorised “Notes” on individual Products, Inventory items, Serial Numbers and Batches of stock
  • Product Knowledge-base so that all your “product” based information can be easily used/shared within the business and optionally via the web portal for such things as product specification sheets, pricing, product details, handling and disposal procedures, manuals, pictures, QA testing results etc.


  • Lower Stock – reduce the money invested in inventory holdings and improve your cash holdings
  • Timely Replenishment – you can’t sell what you don’t have…or what you can’t get quickly
  • Control – you will know exactly what you have in the warehouse, where it is and how much it cost
  • Stock Analysis – we can show you what products you should stock, which ones are not so important so you should keep more of them versus the ones that are important so you should keep less! (Please ask us if that statement doesn’t make sense to you)
  • Visibility – of your stock levels within the organisation to customers, re-sellers, suppliers and smaller branch offices all via the internet
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