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Order Management

These modules will help you effectively manage the flow of goods to satisfy customer demands at multiple operating locations. This suite lets you take control of your business – and profit from all your hard work.

The Online Advantage Order Management module enables an integrated approach to all aspects of order entry, customer order processing, inventory calculations, invoicing and customer or order enquiries.

By adapting our Sales Order Processing to your way of doing business, the seemingly complex process of order management is made simple, efficient, and yet powerful. This module (including Invoicing) provides concise information for forward orders and integrates with the Inventory and Accounts Receivable modules. The advanced automated features enable users to respond quickly to situations – current stock position display, extensive discount options, and easy access to data. Also includes our comprehensive Pricing Matrix

Key Order Management features include:

  • Order Types – covers Quotes, Transfers Orders, Draft Orders, Standing Orders/Forward Orders, Sales Orders and Back Orders
  • Order Picking – push or pull picking with individual order Picking Dockets or consolidated “bulk” picking via a Pick List
  • Export Orders – process orders in any nominated foreign currency for export customers
  • Back Order Release – automatically add Back orders to new orders if stock has become available
  • EDI – support for the importing and processing of orders received via Electronic Data Interchange (EDI)
  • Product Pricing – unlimited Price Lists, up to 5 price Levels per list, with quantity based price breaks available
  • Contract Pricing – multiple pricing methods including Contract Price lists, Customer Contract Prices and Product Special Prices
  • Discounting – extensive discount options that include Group Discount lists and Product Group based pricing and discounts
  • Profit Control – using pre-defined margin/mark-up authority levels will give you control over you all important Gross Profit points
  • Order Class – the ability to allocate an Order Class allows Customer Service to group orders for processing
  • Order Charges – integrated add-on charges function including an automatic “other charges” facility for such things as minimum order fees


  • Customer Quotes – can be printed as well as emailed/faxed directly to the chosen recipient. Includes automatic email address/fax number look-up facilities and automatic tagging of customer contacts to be sent copies
  • Customer Orders – can be created by converting a quote into an order or by copying an existing order or invoice and adjusting any of the details as required
  • Order Confirmations – can be printed or faxed/emailed directly to the chosen recipient
  • Transfer Orders – allow another branch or warehouse to place internal stock replenishment orders. These transfer orders can be priced with a preset “internal” transfer cost/price list or via a cost mark-up/margin facility
  • Order Forms – is a standard facility that allows for the creation and use of redefined order forms that contain a set list of products and include such features as minimum order quantities, mandatory product purchases and “special” nett pricing
  • Order Search – by Customer Order Number, Consignment Note Number, Order Number, Invoice Number and Customer
  • Despatching – including the recording or Consignment details and the production of “un-priced” Despatch Dockets, Consignment Notes, Delivery Labels and even packing labels as required
  • Back Order Processing – picking generation and invoicing from customer Back Orders
  • Special Orders – options available when ordering to tag items to Reserve Stock, or mark as “Sample” or “Special” sales
  • Credit Control – the system will automatically put new orders on credit stop based on individual customer credit limit and credit terms checks
  • Shipment Release – optionally produce Picking Dockets from Back Orders based on recent shipment receipts made through Purchasing or recent transfer receipts from other stock locations
  • Outstanding Order Reporting – by Customer, Order, Product, Month Due, Rep and much more
  • Credit Note Processing – with credit creation from Invoice and Pickup Advice printing
  • Reason for Returns – allowing you to track and report on your returns by the reason they were credited by Customer and Product
  • Back Order Statements – provide Customers with a regular statement of the items you have on back order for them
  • Service Level Analysis – full tracking and analysis on an item by item basis of your ability to deliver in-full


  • Control – allows you to get total control over your incoming orders and back orders with paper systems and other tools
  • Staffing – set more accurate staffing in Customer Service and the Warehouse with real-time Order Statistics – see when the work is being done across your entire branch operation
  • Cost Saving – single document entry with no duplicated or manual processes and automatic document delivery via email/fax
  • Gross Profit – control your margin/mark-up levels with real-time pricing look-ups and margin/mark-up checking and authorisation
  • Customer Service – improve your customer delivery cycle by reducing your time to deliver through the adoption of a push or pull Order Processing mechanism to suit the situation
  • Debt Control – get control of your poor paying customers with real-time credit checking and order release
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