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Point Of Sale (POS)

These modules will help you effectively manage the flow of goods to satisfy customer demands at multiple operating locations. This suite lets you take control of your business – and profit from all your hard work.

The Online Advantage Point of Sale (POS) module makes it easy to handle all aspects of retail sales, quickly and efficiently.

Our POS module is fully integrated with the Inventory, Accounts Receivable and Cash Management modules to allow instant access to detailed, accurate information at the point of sale (subject to security access of course). While the customer’s order is being processed, the POS system is performing credit checks, confirming pricing, checking inventory details, receiving cash and allowing account customers to make outstanding payments.

Key Point of Sale features include:

  • Transaction Types – POS caters for the processing of the following transaction types:
    • Sales Dockets
    • Customer Returns (Credits)
    • Account Payments
    • Laybys
    • Petty Cash Vouchers
    • Special Orders
    • Gift Vouchers
  • Payment Methods – provides for multiple payment tendering methods as follows:
    • Cash – with automatic change calculation
    • Cheque – with prompts for recording full details
    • Account – allows debtors to purchase over the counter
    • Credit Card – includes all variations of banking methods
    • Gift Certificate
    • Split Tender – use multiples of any of the above methods
  • Till Control – supports multiple registers operating on a single till or individual tills per register and comes complete with:
    • Till Opening and closing functions
    • Float allocation
    • Reconciliation report
    • Deposit Summary report
    • Deposit Slip print for Banking
    • Interfaced to Bank Reconciliation system
  • Scanning – integrated Bar Code scanning of Product code, Suppliers Product code, EAN etc as required. You can even scan in rep codes and customer account or membership numbers


  • Cash Control – Till and Banking reconciliation tools:
    • Open, close or re-open tills at any time
    • Produce till reports in summary or detailed formats
    • Perform till adjustments
    • Complete till reconciliation
    • Run multiple tills at the same time
    • Share tills between registers
  • Security – built-in security features combined with full audit trails, activities recorded on who did what, and when, and comprehensive reporting on price and discount changes
  • Reporting – reports that are specific to POS include:
    • Sales summaries
    • Product sales
    • Outstanding sales dockets
    • Lay-by reports (summary and detailed) by value, issue and expiry date
    • Gift certificate sales or redemption reports for the day or a date range
  • Till Reports – include the following available reports:
    • Till summary
    • Complete till details
    • Deposit slip
  • Other – some other functions available in POS are:
    • Automatic calculation of change due
    • Automatic rounding (up or down options available) for cash transactions
    • Multiple cash drawer/till support per register
    • Customised user-definable docket layout, and adjustable wording for the header and footer message
    • Suspend facility on new transactions when you need to serve another customer with recall so you can complete the later
    • Batch processing facility enables you to continue recording sales even during a Stock Take or End of Period processing


  • Real-Time – completely integrated in real-time to the back-office systems of Stock, Debtors, Cash Management etc. with instant feedback via Sales & Cash displays
  • Reliable – designed and developed by a company you know and trust. Our POS system is online and always available, built to maximise your investment in Online Advantage
  • Control – increased security and control through our built-in margin checking, audit trails, access control and till balancing routines
  • Informative – improve customer service with the ability to see stock in other stores and stock locations and to look-up availability and next incoming order details
  • Sales Agility – implement price changes, introduce new products, implement short-term promotions quickly and easily. You can run instantaneous special pricing that you change easily every month, week, day, hour or minute across all business operations!
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