Material Requirements Planning (MRP) Software

Material Requirements Planning (MRP)

Our Manufacturing Suite is made up of the modules you need to successfully cost and control your factory operations whilst planning your requirements for labour, materials and plant such that you can predict your future position and plan accordingly.

The Online Advantage Materials Requirements Planning (MRP) module gives you the ability to have the right materials at the right location, at the right time.

The MRP module complements the Manufacturing and DRP modules to assist in the management of inventory levels, replenishment and production planning. The MRP is another of the integrated Supply Chain Management tools included in Online Advantage.


  • Materials Planning – MRP covering both Purchasing and Manufacturing requirements (see MRP Schematic)
  • Forecasting – a comprehensive Demand Forecasting system with the following features:
    • Forecast Plans
    • Variable Planning period
    • Stock Netting across nominated warehouses
    • Demand Aggregation
    • New Formulae
    • Demand Origin
    • Forecast Adjustment
    • Plan Comparison Tool
    • Forecast Review Flag
    • Obsolete Stock Flagging
    • 16 standard Forecast Formulae
    • 3 User defined Weighted Average Forecast Formulae
  • Planning – production planning facilities including:
    • Master Production Schedule (MPS) and Planned Orders
    • MPS Adjustment and Firm Order creation
    • Work Order creation/release
    • Inventory Requirements Display
    • Alternate Time “buckets”
  • Time Phased Planning – and replenishment with automatic planned order generation into flexible time “buckets” of days, weeks and months
  • Manufacturing Planning – also covers some MRPII facilities including Labour, Plant and Load Centre/Machine loading
  • Demand – order what you really need from your suppliers based on current and historical usage
  • Automatic Order Release – of planned purchase orders and work orders to firm orders
  • Unlimited Levels – of exploding linked requirements across warehouses, branches, stock locations, suppliers, raw materials, sub-assemblies, kits, finished products and stocked products


  • Planning calendar setup
  • ABC stock category analysis settings and reporting
  • Stock Line Demand allocation to assist with warehouse picking layout
  • Automatic Forecast Generation
  • Forecast Demand Adjustment and “fixing”
  • Inventory Requirements Display functions
  • ABC Analysis reporting
  • Line Demand reporting
  • Safety and Lead Time allocation
  • Replenishment methods including:
    • Manual or Planned Purchase Orders
    • Manual, Planned or Automatic Transfer Orders
    • Manual, Planned or Automatic Work Orders
    • Kit Assembly
    • No Replenishment
    • Plus Stocking Methods of Stocked, and Non-Stock and Indent


  • Supplier Planning – order what you really need from your suppliers based on current and historical usage
  • Factory Scheduling – plan your Production Schedule so that you are not always under pressure to get work completed on the factory floor
  • Stock Planning – ensures appropriate quantities of raw material items are at each factory location for use in the manufacturing process. You can’t make the products you sell without the right materials
  • Time Saving Replenishment – save your Purchasing users days each month by using our paperless Order Creation and Release routines that base their decisions on real-time values (from Inventory) for Stock Holding, Minimum Stock, Maximum Stock and Re-order Quantities, Customer Order requirements and Lead Times so that purchase orders and stock transfer orders can be created and sent in a timely fashion
  • Stock Control – controlling your stock levels is what MRP is all about. Enjoy lower stock holdings, reduce your investment in inventory and help your cash flow position. The end result is more timely replenishment – you can’t sell what you don’t have…..or what you can’t get quickly
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