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Our Manufacturing Suite is made up of the modules you need to successfully cost and control your factory operations whilst planning your requirements for labour, materials and plant such that you can predict your future position and plan accordingly.

The Online Advantage Time Cards module provides a simple and efficient method for the processing of employee timesheets details and allocating the cost of labour, whether productive or non-productive, to Manufacturing Work Orders or Job Costing projects.

The Time Cards module enhances the versatility of our Manufacturing and Job Costing modules providing the valuable “labour actuals” information. This module is a labour distribution facility designed specifically to provide a simple and efficient method for establishing employees, processing employee time cards (or timesheets) and allocating the cost of labour, whether that labour be productive or not.


  • Type of Time – the Time Cards module allows for the processing of three basic types of time as follows:
    • Manufacturing-based Work Orders
    • Job Costing-based Projects/Jobs
    • Other time
  • Other Time – the ability to categorise and record “Other Time” spent, whether it be productive or non-productive time so all the hours worked can be captured and analysed
  • Payroll – because employee time is recorded by period end date, the information can be used for payroll purposes. The pay run facilities includes the ability to export pay run data to Windows-based applications
  • Employee Performance – the use of time card entry enables the monitoring of Employee performance by:
    • indicating the type of work performed by each employee
    • the value for hours and charges shown as productive, non-productive and non-chargeable
    • includes provision for time-and one-half, double and triple time shift premium rates
    • the value for hours and charges can be shown/reported for month and year-to-date and compared with last years’ values


  • Employee setup and creation with the ability to record “Custom Data” and “notes” per employee
  • Time Card processing including normal time, time and a half, double time, and double time and a half
  • The ability to optionally post “penalty rates” to jobs/work orders
  • Payroll pay period Export interface
  • Other time categorisation for the recording of Annual Leave, Sick Leave, Training, Admin, Meetings etc. as required
  • Employee reporting sub-system that enables the user to simply create and analyse reports in Month to Date, Year to Date, Last Year and rolling Month by Month formats on the following data:
    • Hours worked
    • Cost of Hours
    • Revenue
    • By Employee
    • By Employee Branch
    • By Employee Division
    • By Labour Type
    • By Work Order/Job
    • By Other Time category


  • Control – you can finally get a system that will tell you who is productive and who is not
  • Time Saving – by making the task of performing a payroll easier through the re-use of the detailed timesheet information
  • Information – can provide a single source of Employee Information held as one complete database
  • Interface – empowers the Manufacturing and Job Costing systems with accurate and up-to-date labour actual hours and costs to enable better decision making and analysis in the business operations
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