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Report Analysis

Never before has management had a greater need to access their business data. Our Reporting Suite allows you the ability to access, format and deliver meaningful reports inside and outside your organisation to drive better decision making.

The Online Advantage Report Analysis tool is a multi-dimensional Business Intelligence Cube that brings your data to life. With the Online Advantage Cube you can handle the analysis of detailed sets of complex data moving the key elements in, out, and around the report as you require to give you a clear perspective on what is really happening in your business.

The Cube is built into standard Online Advantage to provide a powerful “what-if scenario” analysis tool without the need for additional third party software tools and complicated and costly configuration and training. It just works straight out of the box!


  • Data Mining – is with easy using our Slice and Dice Cube for Analysis
  • OLAP – provides a built-in Online Analytical Processing (OLAP) tool with no additional user software licences required
  • Ranking – facility provides Ascending/Descending reporting at any time e.g. Top Customer or Top Selling Product
  • Export – single click data transfer to Excel or Text
  • What-If – perform “what-if” analysis on any data
  • Summarise – roll data views up and down — a versatile tool for manipulating the way data is displayed
  • Filter – exclude and include data as required
  • Drag & Drop – swap the current ‘data view’ using drag and drop control for an unlimited look at the same report
  • Store – save your Cube’s to local disk storage and recall them later for further analysis


  • Automatic Pivot Tables allowing you to move “elements” around from row to column and even off the report parking them
  • Move the position of columns and see the Cube automatically re-display and calculate new totals accordingly
  • Drill-Down or Roll-Up your data as you see fit
  • Filter columns or Rows with the click of your mouse
  • Re-size columns and rows at will
  • Adjust Column Formats on the fly to show rounded figures
  • Choose from the Total Functions such as Sum, Average, Count, or None
  • Represent your data as a percentage of the column or row total
  • Use Horizontal or Vertical Splitter Bar’s to provide more than one scroll-able window so you can be looking at the detail in one and the total in another
  • Rank your data in Ascending or Descending sequence on any of the available data elements
  • Print options of the “current” Cube view


  • Evaluate – build better relationships with customers, partners and suppliers
  • Margin Control – improve your margins/mark-ups with better tools to view your data
  • Insight – uncover new business opportunities, hidden cost savings or sources of new revenue
  • Analyse – helps you access and navigate the reservoir of data stored in your business system so you use this data to make better decisions
  • Rewards – make your data work for You!
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